"HolySin" Zine (Turkey)

"Lead Weight "Penetrator" (translated from Turkish to English)

Autor: Baris Sensoy
Rate: 8 / 10
Label: CD-Maximum

I dont usually click on the banners of the websites, but what has taken my attention this time is to see a band classified as techno / melodic / progressive death metal. I am interested in bands such as Atheist, Death, Cynic, Samael, Rammstein, At the Gates, etc. so I decided to download their mp3s and to contact the band.

Its hard to classify the band, because every song is written in their own sound and every song is in another genre. For example, Omen is a neo-classical song that reminds Malmsteen and some power metal bands. Penetrator is an old-rock song with brutal vocal. Last Dance sounds more black / death. I think the band has thought what they have listened and what they want to produce and after all they decided not to care about boundaries. Good work!

The band also cares about what the musicians all over produce up to now, especially for last 15 years. As they influenced us, riffs of Chuck Schnuldiner, progressive compositions of Dream Theater and Cynic, soloing of Yngwie Malmsteen influenced the band too. But this is not a minus point, because the band succeeds to add their spirits and open the road of originality.

But the listener shouldnt expect a high-quality production and sound quality. These points are probably the biggest problems of the record. Drum sounds could be better and guitars could be recorded heavier. And being far away from Europe, the band is located in Kazakhstan, the band will have difficulties in promotion and reaching to the listener. Also, I couldnt find anything techno in this album, nothing sounds like Samael, Danzig, Rammstein or DJ including bands.

Well, my favorites are Last Dance with its melodies, Stalker with its introduction and great melodical solo, Useless with its main riff. If the band continues working, they will create their original sound and improve from good band category to excellent.


"Lead Weight "Penetrator" (translated from Farsi to English)

Autor: Nate YUGGOTH
Rate: 4 / 5
Label: CD-Maximum

With this album, I think that death metal has found a new melodic band that can really shake the boundaries of the metal world. Lead Weight, coming from Kazakhstan, offers up 10 interesting, instrumentally rich compositions that shine with much greater brilliance than any of the Swedish bands I've heard coming off of some of the major recently.

"Penetrator" does have a few minor flaws, such as the production, which could lead to braindead non-underground listeners to pass the band off. The other flaw I noticed is the songs usually don't progress beyond a midpace gallop, so a few more fast paced numbers could bring the band to greater plateaus.

Now, the good points. For a band coming from the former USSR, and recording in their own studio, Lead Weight has really captured a good sound. I'd compare the entire feeling somewhat the Chasm's first album, "Procreation of the Inner Temple," in the sense that it a bit rough sounding, with lots of airy melodies and sharp drumming, but I think that "Penetrator" is quite a bit better than the aforementioned album by the Chasm (who, by the way, are an EXCELLENT band and MUST be heard).

The riffs are the real treat on this album, with a big nod to the clean picking of Chuck Schuldiner (I sense that Chuck's spirit is playing through guitarist Yermola), neoclassical solos, and some of the twisted riffing of Morbid Angel. They do manage to throw in a few acoustic/clean sections, most notable on "Last Dance," at the most appropriate moments. The title track is a bit different from the others, faster, more upbeat, making me think that they're playing a classic metal tune in a death metal fashion.

Other than that, Lead Weight is pretty much a unique entity. The melodies are quite different from others that I've heard from any other band. Take the instrumental, "Elegy" for example. It sounds like a Russian funeral march, very suiting for its name. The vocals are delivered in a raspy growl, which suits the music quite well. Lead Weight is showing a really promising future, not only for themselves, but for death metal in general. With truely excellent packaging to boot, what else can you really ask for?

"Fatal Forum" (Russia) Zine

"Lead Weight "Penetrator"

Autor: Pavel Glumin
Rate: 8,5 / 10

When I was interviewing this band from Kazakhstan, I couldnt even imagine that they would release Penetrator album at the end of 2002 as a full disc with CD-Maximum group, well-known by its licensed releases. So, my congratulations for the progress!

These guys deserve high-quality release with this album for sure. Atomic techno-death-metal with a vocal a-la agonizing CARCASS, incomparable guitar solos and worthy drums work - old fellow Nazarbayev, I think, would do into his silk pink pants having heard what kind of sounds his co-citizens have made up. Those who respect work of Schuldiner and progressive metal should be totally satisfied with Penetrator. I am not going to go over each song - that is a waste of time, because the disc is so integral that looks as a perfectly fired brick, which wouldnt crack even if it were thrown on a head of critic from a high scrub roof.

Sonny's Rock & Metal Heaven

"Lead Weight "Penetrator"

Author: Christian
Rating: 8 / 10
Time: 55:42 .
Label: CD-Maximum
Similar groups: Tiamat, Amorphis, Death

Here we go again - a disc from the former Russian Empire, precisely from Kazakhstan! Four guys (Yermola - guitar, Grom - guitar and vocal, Blum - bass, and Hellpash - drums) play quite progressive death-metal, which may really ravish and reminds some kind of mixture of Tiamat and Amorphis - of course in their good times (Astral Sleep/Clouds or Sea of The Thousand Lakes). This mixture makes 10 (or even 11) great songs full of aggression and power, refined by own features and appropriate cool vocal. Cool solos, bold riffs and sharp drums rule here every second without any no (without nerve-killing keyboard on the background). Groms manner, by the way, reminds Chuck Schuldiners vocal (R.I.P.) from Death. That is possibly the reason that after 10 songs and a little pause there is a bonus track - a cover-version of Death Low Life from Spiritual Healing album - it is a culmination moment on the disc! It is also worth to mention 1.000.000 Ways - the toughest song on a disc and Elegy - relaxed instrumental inviting to dream thing. Conclusion: the disc of death-metal is actually of above average level, and I sincerely recommend it to everybody! Its exactly what you need for cold and dull winter days, which are again getting closer and closer.

"Lead Weight "Penetrator" (german orginal)

Band: Lead Weight
Albumtitel: Penetrator
Spielzeit: 55:42 min
Plattenfirma / Vertrieb: CD-Maximum/ Russland-Import
Vergleichbare Bands: Tiamat, Amorphis, Death
Veroffentlichung: 15.02.2002
Wertung: 8 / 10

Und wieder mal eine CD aus dem ehemals russischem Imperium, um genau zu sein aus Kasachstan! Die vier Jungs (Yermola an der Gitarre/ Grom Gitarre & Gesang/ Blum am Bass und Hellpash an den Drums) spielen einen sehr progressiven Death Metal, der zu begeistern wei?, und in etwa einer Mischung aus TIAMAT & AMORPHIS entspricht - allerdings zu glorreicheren Zeiten als momentan ("Astral Sleep"/ "Clouds" oder "Sea of The Thousand Lakes"). Mit eigenen Elementen veredelt und geiler Stimme unterlegt, werden dann aus dieser Mixtur 10 (bzw. 11) gro?artige Songs, die vor Aggression und Power nur so strotzen. Coole Solos, fette Riffs und geile Drums dominieren hier das Geschehen zu jeder Zeit ohne Wenn und Aber (ohne nervtotendes Keyboard-Gewichse im Hintergrund). Der Gesang von Grom erinnert ubrigens sehr an Chuck Schuldiner (R.I.P.) von DEATH. Was wohl auch der Grund dafur sein durfte, weshalb am Ende des 10. Songs - nach etwas Warten - ein Bonustrack folgt, der eine Coverversion von DEATHs "Low Life" aus dem Album "Sprititual Healing" enthalt - und damit wohl das Highlight dieser Scheibe darstellt! Weiter erwahnenswert sind noch "1.000.000 Ways"; der absolut harteste Song auf dem ganzen Silberling "Elegy", ein relaxter Instrumentalsong, der als kleine Pause zum Traumen einladt. Fazit: Eine wirklich uberdurchschnittliche Todes-Blei-CD, die ich jedem nur warmstens empfehlen kann! Genau das Richtige fur kalte und dustere Wintertage wie sie jetzt wieder auf uns zukommen!



"Lead Weight "Penetrator"

Autor: Agelos Kanarelis
Rate: 6/10

These guys are from Kazakhstan and this is not their debut album since they have released three or four more albums. The music has influences from thrash metal (of the Slayer school) and death metal (especially the brutal vocals) and it is not bad at all. It has some excellent guitar work while the rhythm section provides a good background for the songs to evolve. What they need to improve is the vocals since I dont think that they fit very well with their music and of course the production which needs to be louder and heavier. For me they need to concentrate on their thrash side which is much better than their extreme side and it holds the best moments of the album. They have enough talent and they are worthy you attention if you are into death thrash metal. For more info about the band check out their official web site at http://leadweight.musica.mustdie.ru


"Lead Weight "Penetrator"

Autor: Troll
Rate: 3/5

Lead Weight, if my memory serves me right, have become the first ex-USSR-based release of CD-Maximum, who have previously been only involved in the licensing of foreign records. This is surely a good thing, as any other good starting. And I sure hope that in the future the company will continue developing this branch of its business. Let us not get carried away, though - Lead Weight. From the very start it becomes totally clear that the guys carefully and attentively did their homework, having studied through all of the Chuck Shuldiner albums starting from 'Human'. Well, very commendable it is, for one can hardly imagine a better role model. Moreover this fact is an evidence of good taste, and even more importantly, a sign of serious musical abilities. This, however, is just one side of the story. The other side is that taking a genius as a basis of one's own creations, a musician has to understand he will always be subject to comparison with the works of the said genius, and that, me friends, is already a different matter. With Lead Weight we also have to face a pretty poor sound quality, which put together, unfortunately leaves the band with only three points out of five.



Autor: Federico Marongiu

Here we have a technical death metal band full of riffs, tempo changes and extremely aggressive music. Here we have a band that plays complicated music intertwining clean guitars with the most extreme guitar riffs and mixing everything really well. There are plenty of complex and twisted melodies that make the music even more interesting. The vocals are really extreme and contrast heavily with some of the riffs and melodies. The sound is good and raw and the guitars can be listened perfectly while doing their combination of rhythm and melody. There are two types of vocals that fit each one in some part of the compositions changing the mood of the songs really well. There are some neoclassical leads within the death metal context that sound really original and there are also some thrash metal influences. This is a really good band that you don't have to miss.

Favorite tracks: "Omen", "Don Benefactor" and "Stalker"


"Lead Weight "Penetrator"

Autor: Alex Meltzer
Genre: Death Metal
Rate: 7,5/10
Playing time: 49:40

Isn't it fascinating to see, where you can find Metal on this planet? I mean, we already have reviews of bands from Pakistan, Taiwan, Colombia, Kyrgyztan, Namibia and now we can add Kazakhstan to this list, thanks to LEAD WEIGHT from the former capital of Almaty.

Their chosen profession is Death Metal, at times pretty technical and with some complexity in the song structures, still melodic, but never even close to the Swedish/Goteborg school, but definitely more rooted in the traditional Death Metal. The Black Metal undertones that could still be found on the previous album have been scrapped, which gives them a more homogenous sound altogether.

Within that LEAD WEIGHT cover the whole spectrum from doomy to fast, yet always on a very high technical level and very proficient playing, that shows the overall class of this quartet, where basically only Yermola's vocals are the unchanging pillar in the centre. Around him the Kazakhs weave at times classically influenced compositions that show that the songwriters Yermola and Grom haven't started out only yesterday.

Take songs like the fast, Heavy Metal induced "Don Benefactor (Death Is An Adviser)", the great instrumental "Elegy" or the furious "Penetrator" and hear for yourself that Kazakhstan has a serious contender in the technical melodic Death Metal world that we should see on a label near you pretty soon!

(Online January 22, 2003)


"Lead Weight "Penetrator"

Autor: Meden
Kategorie: Death metal
Sound: 3/5
Musik: 3/5
Vocals: 3/5

Hm, aus Kasachstan kommt diese Band, hm, wie gesagt, wir werden immer internationaler und ich konnte wieder eine Flagge auf der Weltkarte plazieren, hehe. Nun ja. Was solls, der Vit von Musica Production war so nett und so frei, mir diese Cd mitzusenden, obwohl sie nicht dort unter Vertrag sind. Was erwartet euch? Tja, sehr abgefahren ist es nicht, irgendwie heimatverbunden oder so, sondern es wird Death Metal fabriziert. Leider liegen mir hier keinerlei Information ber die band vor. Der vorgetragene Death Metal hat eine gute Produktion, was mich fr die Lage doch sehr verwunderlich, aber ansonsten ist er nicht so mein Fall, denn er it sehr technisch gehalten und melodisch. Die 10 Songs werden im Midtempo vorgetragen, was mich auch nicht gerade berzeugt. Die technische Elemente sind aber gut vorgetragen und die Riffs sind gut ausgetftelt und passen gut zusammen. Auch die erzeugten Meldodien passen zum Gesamtsound, aber irgendwie fehlt mir hier die brutalitt und die Aggressivitt. Stimmlich ist es irgendwie eine Mischung aus Death/Black Metal. Meiner Meinung htte man aber das Tempo hier und da mal erhhen soll, was zu einer guten Abwechslung gefhrt htte und das Potential der Band, welches durchaus vorhanden ist, noch weiter herausgestellt htte. Wer auf technischen und melodischen Death Metal abfhrt, der sollte unbedingt zugreifen, mein Fall ist es nicht unbedingt.

Reviewed by Teonzo.

"Lead Weight "Penetrator" (Translated from Italian)

Label: self-produced
Year: 2002
Length: 49 min
Genre: melodic death
Rating: 8/10

This is the third album by Lead Weight, a band coming from Kazakhstan. It's hard to define the metal genre played by this band, I wrote melodic death up there but this is a vague definition, since album is not similar to the first works of bands like Dark Tranquillity and In Flames... many songs have a death metal basis to which is added a lot of melody (in these cases they remind me a bit of "Heartwork" by Carcass or Arch Enemy), then we can find parts taking back to Iron Maiden or to the work of guitar heroes like Malmsteen. So we always find death parts with breaks of melodic metal. Songs are almost mid-tempos, never exceeding in speed or rage. Death metal parts are quite angry, with evil drums and riffs (we can find also dissonant riffs). Vocals are in growl style, not so much cavernous and a bit hoarse, but it makes its work in a good way. These 4 guys have all very good technical skills and musical preparation, and they prove it both in their execution and in their eclecticism, since this album is a mixing of various styles.

The continuous variations inside this album are the strong feature of Lead Weight music, since there is no risk to get bored. Songs are all very elaborated and tangled, and the different parts are linked in a very good way. Often, when a band tries to mix various genres, the result is that we find a lot of parts which are not linked between them, and this creates many contrasts. It's not the case of this album: every influence is well amalgamated, and we never have the sensation to be listening to two different bands. For example we can take the two extremes of this album: "Last Dance" is a death metal song, it's quite angry with dark (almost doom) moods, and there is not so much melody; the instrumental "Elegy" represents its exact opposite: it's dreaming and full of melody, it remembers me the first solo album by Marty Friedman called "Dragon's Kiss". This example is meant to try to describe the variety of this album and the skills of this band.

I can't judge the whole package of this album since I have a promo version. The cover has a very good graphics, and I think that the booklet will contain lyrics, but you can always go to their website and download them. Unfortunately the production is the defect of this album: the volume is quite high, and the mixing is quite good, I have nothing to say about this. The problem is that the guitars' sound is thin and not so much powerful... we don't notice so much this defect in the melodic parts, but it's quite manifest in the death metal parts, and this takes down the whole result of this album. This is a real pity, if they had the chance to get a great production then this album could be even better.

By the way, this is a valid album, and I suggest it to people who like at the same time Irom Maiden and Carcass: "Penetrator" can only satisfy you, on condition that you don't get angry about its thin production. So if you were thinking to buy one of the usual Swedish clones I suggest you to change your mind and go to buy this album by Lead Weight, you had better to give your money to an underground band which plays only for passion, instead of giving your money to one of the fatmen of the big labels.

"Lead Weight "Penetrator" (italian orginal)

Etichetta: autoprodotto
Anno: 2002
Durata: 49 min
Voto: 8/10
Genere: death melodico

Questo il terzo album dei Lead Weight, un gruppo proveniente dal Kazakistan. Il genere proposto difficile da definire, ho messo death melodico ma una definizione un po' vaga, perch questo album non simile ai primi lavori di gruppi come Dark Tranquillity ed In Flames... molte canzoni hanno una base death metal a cui viene aggiunta una buona dose di melodia (ed in questi casi ricordano un po' i Carcass di "Heartwork" e gli Arch Enemy), poi ci sono parti riconducibili agli Iron Maiden oppure al lavoro di guitar hero come Malmsteen. Quindi abbiamo sempre delle parti death metal intervallate da parti di metal melodico.

Le canzoni viaggiano quasi sempre su tempi medi, senza mai eccedere nella velocit o nella rabbia. Le parti death metal sono piuttosto incazzate, con una bella batteria pestata e dei riff belli cattivi e spesso dissonanti. Il cantato un buon growl, non molto cavernoso ed un po' rauco, ma compie il suo lavoro per bene. Tecnicamente questi 4 ragazzi sono tutti molto bravi e preparati, e ne danno prova sia nell'esecuzione della loro musica, sia nella loro ecletticit, visto che questo album risulta l'incrocio di vari stili. Proprio le continue variazioni all'interno dell'album sono il punto forte della musica dei Lead Weight, visto che non si corre il rischio di restare annoiati. Le canzoni sono tutte molto elaborate ed intricate, e le varie parti sono legate tra di loro molto bene. Spesso quando un gruppo prova a miscelare stili diversi ci si ritrova con delle parti scollegate tra di loro che creano troppo contrasto. Qui invece le varie influenze sono amalgamate per bene, e non si ha mai la sensazione di trovarsi ad ascoltare due cose attaccate con lo sputo. Tanto per far capire la variet dell'album, prendo i due casi estremi: la canzone "Last Dance" un death metal bello incazzato, con tratti oscuri quasi doom, e concede poco spazio alla melodia; la strumentale "Elegy" rappresenta il suo opposto, una canzone sognante e piena di melodia, come stile mi ha ricordato molto il primo album solista "Dragon's Kiss" di Marty Friedman. Questo per dare un'idea della variet delle canzoni e della bravura del gruppo.

Non posso giudicare per bene la confezione perch ho per le mani il promo spedito dal gruppo. La copertina ha una bella grafica, credo che nel libretto ci siano anche i testi, ma comunque basta andare sul loro sito e scaricarseli. La produzione invece la nota dolente dell'album: il volume dei suoni bello alto, e sono pure mixati molto bene, su questo nulla da dire. Il problema che le chitarre sono scarne e poco potenti... nelle parti melodiche e tranquille si nota poco questo difetto, ma nelle parti incazzate questo rovina il risultato finale dell'album. Un vero peccato, se avessero potuto permettersi una produzione di alto livello allora i risultati sarebbero stati ancora migliori.

Comunque sia resta un album valido, lo consiglio a chi ama allo stesso tempo gli Iron Maiden ed i Carcass, questo "Penetrator" pu soltanto farvi contenti, a patto che non vi incazziate per la produzione poco potente. Quindi se avevate in mente di comprare uno dei soliti cloni svedesi che fanno death melodico vi consiglio di lasciar perdere e dirigervi verso questi Lead Weight, meglio dare i soldi ad un gruppo poco conosciuto e che suona solo per passione, invece di ingrassare le tasche delle solite 4 etichette pi famose.

Sito internet: http://leadweight.musica.mustdie.ru/

Reviewed by Oleg Pozdeyev.

"Lead Weight "Penetrator" 5 / 5

See the full text soon...




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"HARM" Zine (Ex-666 Metal Com)
Reviewed by Wayfaerer.

"Lead Weight "Penetrator"

Lead Weight comes back with a more intense album than their last cd, and some better sounding (and fitting) vocals. Everything that was good about 'For Thine is the Kingdom' is once again present in this record. Great musicianship and some great guitar leads (ie: Omen). The sound this time around is more shifted in the death metal arena than the more traditional sounding last album. Due to the more intense sounding music, the vocals really have a much better fit to than LW's previous efforts. The vocals have a little bit of a Carcass feel to them actually. My only complaint is that the production seems a little thin, but hey, it is an independent release so this is really a minor complaint. If you are a fan of more progressive death metal, you would do well to check this album out.

Standout tracks: Omen, 1000000 Ways, Stalker

"Metal Library" E-Zine
Reviewed by MET.

"Lead Weight "Penetrator" 4,5 / 5 (the best Kazakhstan techno metal)
(Special thanks to Svetlana Nesterkina for translation from russian)

I was somehow advised that this album should be evaluated not once, not in one day, not in one week and even not in one month. It is a creation that is hard for perception (there is wonderful word in English to describe such a thing - sophisticated), the impression of it can change with time even cardinally. It happened with the same last album Opeth, if it would be possible to turn time passing back I would do different...

Almaty musicians seem to feel that only few can immediately correctly characterize the output of their multi-year work and named the album with such a warning name as "Penetrator". It means you, Mr/Mrs critic, journalist or simply listener, need to be penetrated with this release. So lets be penetrated together with it.

It was announced that "Penetrator" would show us the sample of classic techno-death with influence of sources of metal mind formed at the beginning of 80s. (for those who does not understand what it is about: I mean NWBHM and thrash). It resulted in something that even musicians themselves probably could not expect. Not at all, classic death is enough presented in the album and heavy metal component is evident and sometimes overtakes music of the album. But besides that it seems to me that influence of trash is minimized (it is rather seen in tuning which is not enough "low" for death, not in rhythms and harmonies of music). Moreover, extreme parts of "Penetrator" give us associations with not only teams like Death that became already cult, late Carcass (vocal) and (sometimes) Atheist, but also with some doom teams. By confession of Lead Weight musicians they could not expect such an effect. However, it often happens, that an artwork made by skilful author goes out of his control and starts living by its own. So guys made me as an old man-doomster pleased by reverence to the favorite style. Conception of the album is much wider than frames of any trend and supposes eclectic composition of elements of different styles. Hence serious death compositions ("1000000 Ways") alter with half-doom ("Last Dance") and hard-rock ("Don Benefactor") things, and there is a surprise closer to the end presented by instrumental track "Elegy" (perhaps listened to Amorphis?). No doubts, heavy metal and even certain part of progressive are also presented in Penetrator, however, who is interested in detailed analysis of these music elements should read another review, hah. I simply indicate the fact of their presence and that they add more colors to the album.

If I finish the review here you can agree that many people would be seriously surprised. We are making review to actually our (based in Kazakhstan) team. O-u-r. Just think about it. Did you get? Of course, now we will talk about mixing and recording of the album. There are different standard phrases-bars (like stamps you know) used for characterizing of recording process of local metal groups. "So what would you want, it is recorded in SU" (it means: record is real shit). "For conditions where Russian groups work it is quite acceptable (it means: record is shit but not real). "Very good for Russia!" (it means: record is not shit, but also not a sweet). "But is it really Russian group recorded? (it means: record is quite acceptable). "Incredible, the best western teams may become jealous about it" (havent meet before, however, believe, that it will happen some day). Record of Lead Weight under this scale can be evaluated by phrase: But is it really Russian group recorded?. Cannot say that everything is ideal (as to personally me, as an extreme, I am not satisfied with not enough brutality of guitar part), but you can feel the professional level. This level can be increased or decreased, that is what we sincerely wish to the musicians, but "Penetrator" already got the highest mark in Metal Library for a Russian group.

"In Rock" Magazine
Reviewed by IMPALER.

"Lead Weight "Penetrator" death-metal 7/10

Death metal team from Kazakhstan has sent us their stuff, which is hopefully under production by some Moscow label. However, frankly saying, besides good music sense this supposed label should be persistent enough to produce Lead Weight, because the band makes not modern gothic or popular black metal but powerful death in a classic way. To evaluate its beauty its preferable to be an expert of underground genre. All right, as of human being musicians vary simple death metal with elements of melodic death, progressive, heavy metal, guitar neoclassic and even Glam metal! (Experts have compared with Demoniac, however I dont think so). Vocal is pretty of genre traditions though it is not of special exaltations. Record. At least, it is not for shame, though it could be richer. On the other hand alive drums. I would definitely go to Lead Weight concert if it wouldnt be so far away.

Musica Mustdie Web Zine.
Reviewed by DIMAS.

18.03.2002: Long search for philosophy stone
Lead Weight - Penetrator (2002) 8,5 / 10

Long search for philosophy stone. The second penetrating thing of the most heavy weight category I have ever heard. Much said about the previous album, after that a big advance was given to the group. Did they use it?

...gloomy hollow guitar introduction part starts the album and then transfers into second track killing outright by its slow tempo and monotone. There is entire dry and frostbitten rhythm. There is harsh lack of fine plangent guitar solo that was abounded in "For Thine Is The Kingdome". But afterwards it changes for the better and everything becomes normal. However, there is apparent domination of middle tempo and slow parts in the album, but very intensive and aggressive parts are presented as well. It is necessary to notice that the group has chosen a non-traditional tactics by placing songs that are not the best to the very beginning. On the other hand, it is noticeable with every new song that material becomes better and better, interest to it increases and reaches an apogee at the end of the album. It is necessary to notice that if one compares it to the previous album, the music became easier and of less stress to instrumentalism and show of technical mastership. Lyrics became completely English. At listening to "Penetrator"' many bands from the very beginning PARADISE LOST and SENTENCED to late DEATH and CARCASS are recalled alternately. Despite of that group material is unorthodox and distinctive. Very technical death-doom metal with progressive influences. Fine melodic and saturated guitar duet, incredible melody neighboring to complex technical riffs, interesting long and knotty solo parts that are often across the song structure but do not break it, completely alive drums, well built extreme vocal. Music is full of diversification as a whole, but in some parts it seems to be a little monotone. Many Russian (even not only Russian) bands can begrudge of the quality of record. The music is very soaked with serious philosophic thoughts, which do not allow relaxing and make a tension at listening to the album at the first time. Further listening is easier and of more relaxation. The only part of the album where one can relax is wonderful instrumental track named "Elegy", which makes an illusion of easiness and freedom.

Album material is flat as a whole, however, as it was mentioned before, all the songs are one better than another from the beginning to the end. There is a wish to stress on soulful and aligned instrumental "Elegy", breathtaking melodic-death blockbuster "Don Benefactor (Death Is An Adviser)" and explosive rock-n-roll western "Penetrator". The coronet of it is dramatic thriller "Disangelist" full of senses and impassioned experiences. Limitations of the album its excessive seriousness and aridity, lack of brutality and energy, weakness of groove parts.

So, back to the matter: did the group realize last album advance?

It is not only two and half years time period after previous release but also few years experience and lot of work, capital and nervous the musicians spent for this album production. New devices and instruments were used. The group has had much practice with sound and has reached own one. Its a doubtless fact. The musicians reasonably should be proud of the work done and continue its further development.

Musica Mustdie Web Zine.
Reviewed by TORNADO.

15.03.2002: The first signs...
Lead Weight - Penetrator (2002) 8 / 10

Fans of screwed death metal seem to be excited. Dry sound, broken structure of songs, multiple shifts of rhythm and keys, abundance of guitar solo and gloomy atmosphere. At this album Almaty inhabitants LEAD WEIGHT are confident to go for techno-death-metal, however one can notice plenty of other music influences. So it is difficult to name this music as 100% death metal, though this music is based on it.

Im not a fun of such an eclectic, but Can not pass by a potential hit, named Penetrator, one of the most dynamic things of the album to be presented at the discotheques. Almost dancing rhythms, cheerful tempo and spiritual frame-about vocal: what else is needed for a good party? "Useless", "Last Dance" and nostalgic "Omen", the latter is the most interesting things of the album by arrangement, are considered as of the same style. And the final "Disangelist" is to be considered as white dance: Ladies survived in such labyrinths of rhythms, sizes and keys invite more stable gentlemen.

Other material, middle-temper and not at all laconic thoughts of joyless themes of a gloomy life. There are some instrumental stuff, which are by the way far of death-metal and close to neoclassic. If you want, there is no any influence of melodic Sweden school, but no special brutalism as well. However, there are periodical associations with late CARCASS.

Sometimes sound seems debatable in most high-speed parts a wish for more saturated and brutal guitar sound comes. "Last Dance" feels lack of banal meat in high-speed parts, actually vocal partially compensates this defect. But the same sound in less-speed parts is very successful.

As a result one can agree that 2 years work for LEAD WEIGHT succeeded well. Today it is one of the most interesting and professional groups in Kazakhstan and "Penetrator" is the best prove of this fact.

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04/24/2001 Reviewed by Wayfaerer
Lead Weight - For Thine Is The Kingdome... (1999)

Comprised mostly of instrumentals, "For Thine is the Kingdome" is probably one of the more original sounding albums I've heard recently. The sound is more of a cross between a traditional metal sound and progressive death metal (mostly due to the vocals). Its really pretty catchy but has some moments of intensity from time to time. That being said, I do find one problem with the sound. When there are vocals, they sometimes don't seem to fit the music. They sound really raspy and seem to have been recorded too high in the mix. However, the music is definitely top quality! Songs like Thanatopsis, Exorcist, and Miserere show great song-writing skill that could easily be compared to many of the larger bands of the genre. And yes, the song Back in Black is an AC/DC cover! This is the one song that I felt the vocals sounded really good for some reason and the whole song comes across well. All in all, if you like catchy instrumentals...you should definitely check these guys out, you won't be disappointed.

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Reviewed by DIMAS.

" Most progressive death-metal. I dont believe to hear such kind of music from these Kazakhstan guys. Looks like them created something new in the world of heavy metal. End Zone musicians tried to represent something similar, but then they have deserted the experiments. And Lead Weight had to connect melodies and aggression of death-metal with difficult structures and rhythms breaks of progressive-metal. Sometimes it seems, that Dream Theater musicians plays. But they decreased guitars adjustment, removed keyboards and have changed the voice. Actually there are a lot of various stuffs from the most various styles. In some way, it is possible to consider this album like instrumental. More than half of compositions are without vocal. In compositions, where this one is present, its a minimum. The musicians as though expose for show skills to play instruments. But it is pardonable, cause guys really have to show something. Instrumental technic is on a very high level. An original and unique material. What a beginning? - tremendous symphonic introduction! The quality of record at a decent level, but could be a little bit better, more verified. And as a whole - very and very good. I recommend it to all. "

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"Great Heavy Metal! "

Great Heavy Metal! The grooves are kicking and the melody haunting. Keep It up! Especially like the 'Miserere' track. Killer grooves that scream power and masterful instrumental styling! As an independent artist POWER TRIP, I can definitely appreciate your work.

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