December 27 2001 :
Lead Weight song "Enemy" on air today! See Belorussian "Massa Brutto" Radio playlist...

MassaBrutto Radioshow #33, 27 Dec 2001.

featuring an interview with Yaroslav from DIVINA ENEMA band (Minsk, Belarus)

1. LEAD WEIGHT - Vrag (band)
2. DIVINA ENEMA - A Handful Of Hay (band)
3. TESSARACT - Prepare Yourself For The End (band)
4. DIVINA ENEMA - The Face Of Oranus (band)
5. ROSSOMAHAAR - Me, The Misanthrope (band)
6. IMPRUDENCE - Gloom (band)

WAVES: 101,2 FM
SHOW NAME: MassaBrutto
SHOWS TIME: 1. Monday-Tuesday midnight (Belarusian time)
2. Thursday 11:00 PM (Belarusian time)
SHOWS ON AIR: 1 hour each show
DJs: Alexander Litvinski and Mikhail Vasilkov
CONTACT: c/o Alexander Litvinski,
PO Box 417,
220050 Minsk-50,

PHONES: (10 375) 17 2368450 (Alexander)
(10 375) 17 2397214 (Mikhail)
(10 375) 17 2366517 (Style Radio)

E-MAILS: massabrutto@tut.by

December 19 2001 :
In "Lyrics" department you can find final album lyrics. Thanx Sasha and Dos for assistance!

December 04 2001 :
Work with "PENETRATOR" album record is about the finish. All guitar, vocals, drums and sound effects are done. Let's wait for mastering...

November 16 2001 :
New downloads!!! Preview of new song "Don Benefactor" and part of "Useless"

November 09 2001 :
You can download preview of new song "1000000 Paths" in MP3 format here....

October 16 2001 :
CD "Musica Must Die" is purchasing in Almaty!!! Check "Merchandise" section for details...

October 02 2001 :
Cult gig's photos from "Pana", "Matrix" and "Sport" shows added at Photo Department...

September 17 2001 :
We got previous line-up... Bass-player Blum is back (in black). Also check new photos from Almaty International School and "Penetrator" recording ... Enjoy!

September 11 2001 :
Famous german „The Metal Observer“ zine made a band interview !!!!!!!! Also group information established at Trax In Space ...... and Station MP3 Com sources....

September 05 2001 :
We published "Last Dance", "1000000 Ways" and "Useless" texts from new "PENETRATOR" album at "Lyrics" dept.

September 03 2001 :
Longlasting bass-player Blum has left a team due to the personal reason .... At present time Yermola and Grom look for replacement. There is a selection of candidates. If you want to try - write or call: 8-300-211-0141 E-mail: andrew.yermolayev@kcell.kz

August 28 2001 :
Information about "LEAD WEIGHT" added to http://www.musicbuilder.com/ source. You can find Real Audio here...

July 23 2001 :
Penetrator album recording is about finishing... "Last Dance" bass part is done.

July 02 2001 :
You can check "Musica Must Die" album covers here: Face Or there: Back Also you can visit "Music" department of our site...

June 29 2001 :
MUSIC MUST DIE compilation featuring Lead Weight is available through MUSTDIE Productions Label !!! Total time - 74:21. Track-list: GLAZEMAKER-Burning Coast; SEDUCER'S EMBRACE-As The Forest Weeps...; SAMHAIN-Herimos; WISHMASTER-Betrayer; LEAD WEIGHT-For Thine Is The Kingdom.....; RADIGOST-Deep In The Heart Of Battle; HOSTILE BREED-Paper Law; EXHUMATION-Cursed World; VORTEX-Break The Fetters; REQUIEM-Your Dreams; ELISIUM-Shadow; TVANGESTE-Damnation Of Regiomontum; ROSSOMAHAAR-Quarite Lux In Tenebris; ABSURD-Where Time Has Died Away; FORREST GUMP & JAMILIA SERKEBAYEVA-Sarjaylau. Source: MUSICA MUST DIE.

June 26 2001 :
Remastered archive track "Praeludium #2 in C-minor I.S.Bach" from the "OMEN" album (1995!) is available for downloading in "Music" department or here:

June 25 2001 :
Mix, panorama and drum tracks for Helloween's "Future World" cover-version for Valiant records tribute album are changed. You can download final edition at:

June 21 2001 :
Information about LEAD WEIGHT added to russian music server http://www.shara.ru/details.php3?id=188&type=group

June 20 2001 : Lead Weight prepared (recorded!) Helloween's "Future World" cover-version for Valiant records tribute album.

June 14 2001: From today you can find LEAD WEIGHT information at "CIS Music" internet source (It's a biggest one!) at: http://www.diesein.com/cismusic/elead.html

April 25 2001: We got "For Thine Is The Kingdome..." album review on the "666 Metal" E-zine!!!! Check it on the main page at "Reviews" department or here: http://www.666metal.com/main/

April 12 2000: New links in "Music" department. Now MP3 files (256 kbps!!!) are available from very fast "Nursat" server. Enjoy it.... Special thanx for D-r Death and Sergey Alabugin.

January 10 2001: Sunday January 14 from 17-00 to 18-00 "LEAD WEIGHT" on air at Avtoradio (105,6 FM). Some new songs (from Penetrator albums!!!), interview, future plans e.t.c. Don't miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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