April 12 2000: New links in "Music" department. Now MP3 files (256 kbps!!!) are available from very fast "Nursat" server. Enjoy it.... Special thanx for D-r Death and Sergey Alabugin.

January 10 2001: Sunday January 14 from 17-00 to 18-00 "LEAD WEIGHT" on air at Avtoradio (105,6 FM). Some new songs (from Penetrator albums!!!), interview, future plans e.t.c. Don't miss it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 12 2000: Images from "SPORT" action in "Photos" department!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 06 2000: December 10 (On Saturday) will be powerfull metal show!!! Place - "SPORT". Time - 18-00. LEAD WEIGHT, REQUIEM, VARULV & NAGLFAR.


December 04 2000: You can load "Avtoradio" interview here (16 minuts - 2, 76 Mb) http://www.leadweight.webservis.ru/music/Interview26_11_00.mp3

November 27 2000: LEAD WEIGHT appeared on "RUSSIAN MELODIC DEATH METAL" site. There are history, soundsamples and photos. Check it here:

November 26 2000: We got "Avtoradio" LEAD WEIGHT programm!!! There were two songs "War" & "For Thine Is The Kingdome..." Special thanxxs for Sergey Altantsev and Julia Borovinskaya.

November 24 2000: On Sunday (November 26!!!) from 17-00 to 18-00 "LEAD WEIGHT" - on air at "Avtoradio" (105,4 FM!!!!)!!!!!! Songs and talks! Wellcome!!!

November 06 2000: NEWS OF NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!

We got "For Thine Is The Kingdome..." review at MUSIC MUST DIE russian server!!! Check it here: http://musica.mustdie.ru/ru/band/lead_weight/3629/#reviews

November 02 2000: Short Helloween review at "Concerts" appeared (in Russian!).

October 31 2000: Happy Hell-O-Ween (or Win?)!!!!

Today evening's fest in Pana club. Beginning at 20:00. There will be LEAD WEIGHT, REQUIEM, TORNADO and lot of young groups.

September 18 2000: News of September:

HellPash has decided to sit on two chairs... A-a-a-a I mean on two drums sets. In groups "LEAD WEIGHT" and "ACCENT". God help to have the profit for him and both commands.............


The Band presence in two rubrics: as insTUEmental (the first album) and as Melodic Death Metal (the second album). Pleasantly that LEAD WEIGHT is first and single group from Kazakhstan placed on this server!!!

You can check the info here: http://music.mustdie.ru/bands/

August 28 2000: We got "LEAD WEIGHT" interview in "LEGION" web-zine!!!!!!!!!!! You can check it at: http://www.nestor.minsk.by/legion/interview/leadweight.html

August 22 2000: Metal festival in Universe Club (Youth Center before) thundered. Check D-r Mengele report in Concerts section (in Russian Part only!).

August 10 2000: MELODIC DEATH IS COMING FOR YOU... ... August 18 on Friday at 21:00 in Youth Center (Furmanov str., corner of Jibek Joly). "LEAD WEIGHT", "TORNADO" and "REQUIEM" will bury you!!! Total it will be 14 groups at the fest!!! I mean eh-h-h.. ..... Night of a Long Knives!!!

August 01 2000: Saturday July 29 and Sunday July 30 there were "City Jazz, City Blues" issue with "LEAD WEIGHT" interview and fragments of alive appearance on TAN telechannel. Record and concerto were consisted July 28 in "MY TOWN" club. All of this were possible due to the joint project of TAN and "Radio Almaty". Separate thank for Musa and Pahita!!!

P.S. See repeat on next weekend!!!

08.14.2000 :July 19 move your assss to the PANA club ("Stroitel" at last!)! There will be show with participating of "Lead Weight", "Requiem" & "Tornado". Beginning at 20:00. MOVE TO THE GROOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08.10.2000 : July 08 festival thundered!!!! See Vissarion Belinskiy report in "Concerts"!!!!!!!!!! (Sorry, only in russian now!)

08.03.2000 : July second is a HeLLpASh BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07.29.2000 : July 8 at the "SPORT" stage there will be a concert with "Lead Weight", "Valhalla", "Granchester" and "Gletcher". The beginning at 20 or 21:00. We'll play "For Thine Is The Kingdome..." programm maybe with few other things. I think you'll here new heaviest sound due to a long practicing and new TRUE-processor.

07.20.2000 : The concert from June 17 on "Sport" stage has appeared the LARGE PIECE OF SHI-I-T-T!!!!! Somebody " the organizer of a concert " has told, that we play too heavy music and sponsors of action wouldn't like it! On the one hand it is pleasantly to be Kazakhstan " Napalm Death " or "Carcass", and on the other hand there is a question: "What a f... plays "Tornado" and "Requiem"?!?! " The spoon of honey in barrel of shit was buying rules new drumzzz. HellPashhhhh got balls!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I hope that session was good for men from "Requiem" and "Tornado". I am (myself) went to home after BEER and BLUM'S BIRTHDAY.

07.17.2000 : THIS DAY OUR TRUE-BASS-PLAYER BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU LYONKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07.12.2000 : Saturday June 17 there will be a concert at the "Sport" cafe stage (near the stadium) with participation of "Lead Weight", "Requiem", "Tornado", "Holy Dragons" and someone else. Move your ... to the concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!

05.03.2000 : Sunday show in "Pana" club consisted!!! See report in "Concerts" section.

04.27.2000 : There will be a concerto on Sunday (April 30) in club "Pana" ("Builder" House of Culture at last!) with participation of "Lead Weight", "Requiem" and 7 others commands!!! Quiet good sound and light!!!

04.17.2000 : Hell on stage realised!!!!! Read reports about show in "Concerts" department!!!!! Also we made a video!!!!!

04.16.2000 : Powerful action!!!!! "Pana" club ("Stroitel" at last) at 18:00!!! "Lead Weight" and "Requiem" in one session!!!!!!

03.16.2000 : After our accommodation on www.mp3.com some interesting letters have come. The owner of German web-zine "Metal Observer" has communicated with us and soon there will be clause about our group.

03.15.2000 : Menu design is changed. We got place on a powerful site www.mp3.com/LeadWeight !

02.21.2000 :We got HellPash Drums Page link in a "Link" department! HellPash rules!!!

02.09.2000 : Men! We gave an interview for "Legion" magazine! I'll post text here, or give the link to the site of them. Besides we got links for our site on "Mega Metal" and some others. Also there is an e-mail from cult "E(nd) Zone" band on my address! Wau-u-h!

02.03.2000 : We got new "Music" and "Discs" depts. You can find last album in MP3 and LQT formats. Also albums covers are available.

02.02.2000 : There is Dr. Death article in "Sessions" dept! Also we got some fun animated images and new official history in "History".