December 29 2003 :
First review of "Penetrator" in Farsi!!! Original is here, translation to English is there...

"Other than that, Lead Weight is pretty much a unique entity. The melodies are quite different from others that I've heard from any other band. Take the instrumental, "Elegy" for example. It sounds like a Russian funeral march, very suiting for its name. The vocals are delivered in a raspy growl, which suits the music quite well. Lead Weight is showing a really promising future, not only for themselves, but for death metal in general. With truely excellent packaging to boot, what else can you really ask for?"

December 22 2003 :
Updates in "Music" section! There are two MP3 files (128 kbit/sec) from last album "Penetrator" - Useless and Last Dance.

December 18 2003 :
Full version of "Embryonic Necropsy and Devourment" (Carcass) cover in MP3 is available!!!

December 13 2003 :
Welcome to the new section Forum...

December 09 2003 :
Here you can download new "Embryonic Necropsy and Devourment" (Carcass) cover (fragment only!) in MP3 format!!! The song will be included as bonus track in new "Ally" album...

November 25 2003 :
New "Fatal Forum" (Russia) zine review for "Penetrator" album!

Full text is here here...

November 21 2003 :
The work on sequel of successful “Penetrator” album issued by CD-Maximum is continued. As was announced earlier the title of new release will be - “Ally”. The disc will be conceptual and besides standard set of death-metal style of the group will get sounds of traditional oriental instruments (kobyz, dombra, etc.) and some other things, which we wouldn’t like to mention beforehand.

It is known for sure that among authors’ things there will be a cover of “Carcass” - Embryonic Necropsy and Devourment, which was issued on the second studio record of legendary Liverpoolians "Symphonies of Sickness". As a whole the sound of the album will be close to grind-core (lowered to the maximum pitch of guitars, specific sound of amplifiers, etc.). Several versions of Embryonic Necropsy and Devourment cover are already recorded and the work on unique heaviest guitar sound is in progress. The best version will appear in the “Ally” album.

The lyrics of the album will explore dark and unknown sides of a human soul, and search for an Ally…

October 21 2003 :
German "Sonny's Rock & Metal Heaven" review for "Penetrator" CD!!! Here's full text... Original in german is there...

Death Metal, der zu begeistern weiß, und in etwa einer Mischung aus TIAMAT & AMORPHIS entspricht - allerdings zu glorreicheren Zeiten als momentan ("Astral Sleep"/ "Clouds" oder "Sea of The Thousand Lakes")...

September 19 2003 :
New address to buy "Penetrator" CD on line http://www.soundcheck.ru/cgi-bin/info.cgi?show=disk&lang=undefined&id=1523

"Sonny's Rock & Metal Heaven" site is preparing Lead Weight review...

August 22 2003 :
Updates in "History" section...

July 30 2003 :
"Hidden Ally" - new LEAD WEIGHT interview in Russian "CD-Maximum" zine.
Check text (in russian!) here....

June 12 2003 :
Greece TOMBSTONE zine review for "PENETRATOR" album!!!
This is the full text... Original is here...

It has some excellent guitar work while the rhythm section provides a good background for the songs to evolve...

April 28 2003 :
Another one "Get-to-War" zine review!!! Original in Russian is here...

April 08 2003 :
New russian's METAL KINGS zine review!!! This is the text... Original is here...

March 26 2003 :
Great review in Argentina's MUSIC EXTREME zine!!! Here you can find the text... Original is here...

March 25 2003 :
In "Interview" section we published new "Get-to-War" zine interview...

February 04 2003 :
German "Metal Observer" and "Posessed" zines reviews added to our "Reviews" section. You can check it here... The rate are: 7,5/10 and 3/5 accordingly.

January 15 2003 :
From January 9th "Penetrator" album is in Japan through World Chaos Productions!!! Special Thanx to Vit Belov and Musica Must Die Productions. Soon it will be in Canada through "Great White".

January 05 2003 :
"Omen" song from "Penetrator" album is on air at popular Massa Brutto Radio!!!

MassaBrutto Radioshow #139, 3 Jan 2003.

1. MORTIFER - Beggar (Soyuz)
2. DIVINA ENEMA - Nightmare (Eldritch Music)
3. AMBASSADOR 21 - Dogma (Invasion Wreck Chords)
4. LEAD WEIGHT - Omen (CD-Maximum Ltd)
5. DARK DELIGHT - Neverending Life (band)
6. VESTIBULUM - Grugan Stogne (band)
7. IMPRUDENCE - Imprudence (band)
8. WEEDS IN VOGUE - The Bitchripper (band)


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